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Ceizer x Warner Bros / Looney Tunes

This year Looney Tunes is celebrating Tweety’s 80th birthday, especially for this occasion they invited me to do a serie of artworks for murals all around the world. This is one of the first ones, painted in Brooklyn,  Havemeyerstreet 78.  

Ceizer x Yellow Pop

Ceizer x Yellow Pop ‘The Power Of Words’ collection available now at the Ceizer online store.

Ceizer x Van Gogh Museum

In 1886 Van Gogh moved to Paris and would stay for two years before moving to the south of France. In this period Vincent discovered light; he started to use brighter colours, lighter shades and more yellow tones, he became the colourist the world knows him as today.  Ceizer painted his version of ‘Quinces, lemons,… Read more »