Bonjour/Bonsoir Woody

SOLD OUT // Thank you for your enthusiasm !

The ‘Bonjour/Bonsoir’ Woody

This sculptural piece is made of wood and hand crafted in my Paris atelier. Painted in lavender purple with an hand-pulled screen print in three colors on both sides. The front represents the daytime and reads ‘Bonjour’ with a sun hiding behind the clouds, the back reads ‘Bonsoir’ representing the night time with a red-pinkish moon.

The sculptures stand 10 inch tall and come in a wood case. Each ‘Woody’ is numbered and signed on the bottom of their feet. Edition of 30 pieces.

(Size 26cm tall x 38cm wide) (Size 10 inch tall x 15 inch wide)



France 5 EUR
Netherlands 5 EUR
Europe 10 EUR
World 25 EUR